Cohen had Ferrell’s voice in his mind for `The House?

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London, July 2 (IANS) Writer-director Andrew Jay Cohen had actor Will Ferrell’s voice in his mind when he wrote “The House”.

“I had Will’s voice in my head when I was writing the script. He’s got that kind of delivery,” Cohen told BANG Showbiz, reports

He added: “I worked on ‘Anchorman’ with him and at the end of the shoot he came up to me and told me the camera I was using didn’t have any film but was instead filled with coffee… To have a solid script is important. We were quoting ‘Anchorman’ lines before it even came out.”

“The House” stars Ferrell and Amy Poehler as Scott and Kate, who struggle to find the money to pay for their daughter’s tuition fees.

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Although a comedy, the film touches upon some serious cultural topics including the price of tuition and Cohen believes all movies should “come from reality”.



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