Collaboration app Moxtra 3.0 to be out by January end

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Bengaluru, Jan 19 (IANS) On demand collaboration app Moxtra on Tuesday said its latest business version Moxtra 3.0 will be launched in India by the end of January.

“Moxtra integrates various modes of communication like email, video conferencing, calls, instant messaging, annotation, voice annotation, file sharing and others into one single platform for seamless real time interaction. We plan to launch Moxtra 3.0 by January end,” said Moxtra vice president Kiran Datar.

Explaining the capability of Moxtra 3.0 app, he said the app is capable of executing all the functions offered by the likes of Gmail, dropbox, WhatsApp, WebEx, Skype and others to optimize collaboration between business teams.

With a mobile first strategy, Moxtra is targeting enterprises with and without a mobile strategy.

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“Any enterprise can take our app and rebrand it under its branding and start providing all-in-one interaction and collaboration tools Moxtra offers while we manage the user management and security,” said Datar.

Some of the entities which can deploy Moxtra 3.0 are online training providers, education technology providers, health and wellness communities and any two people interested in collaborating and communicating.

“The app can support 150 types of documents and has a revenue model which is based on client’s business model. It can be per user or per month or can be customized,” said Datar.

Xing HR, Flipclass, Ziyo and Brazilian company Totus are some of Moxtra’s 165 plus global clients.

Two consumer-centric preceding versions of enterprise focused Moxtra 3.0 helped the company understand various nuances of the app to make it business ready, said Datar.

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First version was launched in mid 2013 and second version at the end of 2014.

Developed by a team of 40 engineers in over two years, Moxtra has offices in the US, India and China.

The startup raised a funding of $10 million from Starwood hotels, Cisco and KDDI and plans to raise a similar amount in the near future.

Founded by Subrah Iyar and Stanley Huang, Moxtra drew a lot of talent from WebEx who worked with both of them earlier. Iyar is the CEO of Moxtra while Huang is the CTO.

Cisco acquired Iyar-founded collaborating tool WebEx for $3.2 billion in 2007.

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