Comedian Hasan Minhaj roasts Trudeau on ‘Patriot Act’

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No journalist interviewing the Canadian PM Justin Trudeau has ever come close to exposing his hypocrisy and double-standards the way comedian Hasan Minhaj did when he interviewed Trudeau in his latest episode of the hit show “Patriot Act”.

The host starts out pretty tame, commenting on Trudeau’s conventionally attractive looks and then making him play a game to decide if he was looking at a photo of a world leader or one of Minhaj’s friends’ dads.

But then Minhaj gets into the nitty gritty, pointing out that Canada’s upcoming election has international consequences. As the episode’s title points out (“The Two Sides of Canada”), the country is full of contradictions — and so is Trudeau, despite his global reputation as a progressive politician.

Minhaj dwells on Quebec’s new secularism bill in this segment and breaks down the complex the SNC-Lavalin scandal for an international audience who would be unfamiliar with the details.
The episode touches on other issues, including many Canadians opposing the entry of more refugees, and Canada touting itself as a peacekeeping country yet making money off the sale of arms to Algeria, Nigeria, Egypt, Libya, and Iraq.

Minhaj even presses Trudeau to stop selling arms to Saudi Arabia, pointing out that Canada has condemned that country for its involvement in the death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Trudeau responds by saying Canada takes breaking contracts and its legal responsibilities seriously.

But the biggest topic in the episode is pipelines. Canada sells itself as a leader when it comes to climate change, but also has the third largest reserve of oil in the world, and “refining it causes a lot of pollution.”

Trudeau defended his decision on the issue by saying society still needs oil and pipelines are the best way to move it trying to spin it to by adding that the profits will go towards transitioning to cleaner energy.

“What you’re saying sounds like trying to whiten your teeth by drinking wine at every meal,” Minhaj tells him.

For those who have Netflix, check out the episode, those with internet access could watch it on YouTube. -CINEWS

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