Commercial-truck test centre closure causes major frustration


If owners of several Brampton-based truck driving schools are to be believed, the closure of the Woodbridge commercial-truck testing centre last month is a costly inconvenience for driving schools and their students who are anxious to take up jobs that have been promised to them.TestCentre
In an interview with Can-India, Singh Hardev, a senior instructor at Payless Truck Driving school said that ever since the test centre closure, it now takes 40 days on average for a truck driving school to get a date for their students. The GTA has had three truck-testing centres located in Brampton, Downsview and Woodbridge which is now closed. The volume of drivers seeking dates for their driving tests have increased dramatically over the years. Truckers hoping to get their AZ licence to become tractor-trailer drivers were already facing lengthening wait times which have now only gotten worse.
According to reports, the Woodbridge test-centre shut suddenly after its lease expired and a new one in York Region will be ready by Fall 2015. But summer demand for testing dates goes up and many truck driving schools are scrambling to find other test centres and book dates there. Bobby Jaswal of Youth Driving school says he books dates for his students in Peterborough and other far flung test centres. “I have been doing that for such a long time because now it can take months to get a date. At the Woodbridge test centre if you had the right connections you could get a test date quicker,” he said.

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