‘Communal’ BJP creating problem for democracy, says Sonia

Buxar (Bihar), Oct. 17 (ANI): Congress president Sonia Gandhi on Saturday said no one knows better than Prime Minister Narendra Modi that Hindus and Muslims don’t fight, they are made to fight, because if communal clashes ceased to happen the BJP’s shop would be shut.

“The BJP Government is moving away from democratic practices, and thus, creating a serious problem for our democracy. The government is imposing its political ideology on the people and weakening the edifice of our communal harmony,” she told a rally here.

“Communal tension is being created and people are being killed after spreading rumours. It is a matter of shame for all of us and we should be ready to protect our democracy,” said Gandhi, while calling upon the people to wipe the BJP out of Bihar.

She said NDA leaders have lost their sleep over poll surveys projecting a win for the Nitish Kumar-led Mahagathbandhan.

Stating that over 50,000 people from Bihar, who were associated with diamond trade in Gujarat, had lost their jobs, Sonia sought to know from Prime Minister Modi as what he had done for those jobless youth. (ANI)

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