Community group hosts panel to discuss plight of fatherhood

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To celebrate Father’s Day, Heartland Creditview Community and Health Services hosted a panel discussion on ‘the plight of fatherhood in modern times’.

“Most men who are incarcerated lacked a role model and mostly come from fatherless homes,” said panelist Sophia Ramsay, Program Manager, Black Community Action Network of Peel . “But not having a father is not a problem. Other family support systems like extended family can make a big difference,” she added.

Panelists were unanimous that without community support, today’s kids cannot have an environment conducive for their proper growth. “Family dynamics have changed over the years in Canadian society. Traditional father-dominated mentality has changed,” said another panelist Robert Somerville, Citizenship Judge and educator.

Dr Sehdev Kumar, University of Toronto professor, also part of the panel believes that diversity of Canadian society is a real asset and we have resources available from so many traditions and cultures to help us deal with our social problems, including crisis in our family system. “Diversity makes Canada great”, said Dr Kumar.

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Panelists were of the view that increased interaction among families, and helping neighbors and other families was the need of the hour.

Absentee fathers and their effect on family, role of fathers in modern times, and parenting in Canada versus parenting in other countries were the main topics of the discussion. – CINEWS

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