Concerned Ontario Doctors to Hold Rally at Queen’s Park on Saturday April 23

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Toronto, April 22 (CINEWS): Concerned Ontario Doctors, a grassroots advocacy group of over 11,000 physician members is organizing a rally at Queen’s Park to demand accountability and collaboration from the Ontario Liberals. Scheduled for Saturday April 23 from noon to 3 pm, the rally will be held on the South Lawn or Queen’s Park and is open to all healthcare stakeholders, including the patients and public. According to a media release, supporters are being bused in from each corner of the province, from Ottawa and Kingston to Midland and Cambridge, with hundreds planning to stand shoulder to shoulder with their doctors.
It states that over a year has passed since the Ontario Liberals stopped negotiating with the Ontario Medical Association and over two, since Ontario’s doctors have had a fair contract. In that time, the politicians at Queen’s Park have invented and instated baseless policies and funding cuts that have left many front-line physicians struggling to provide good patient care.
“Since his government began the unilateral actions, Health Minister Eric Hoskins has yet to sit down with one – just one! — front-line physician. Doctors are worried and struggling; they are leaving, and nobody is replacing them. In fact, as of today, a grand total of 2 physicians have signed up for the disastrous New Graduate Entry Program,” stated Dr. Nadia Alam, co-leader of Concerned Ontario Doctors.
Preliminary results of a survey by Concerned Ontario Doctors of nearly 1,000 Ontario physicians so far reveals that:
• 86% feel attacked or vilified by the Ontario Liberal government.
• 78% feel burned out and 83% can see this distress mirrored in their colleagues.
• 40% feel they are working longer and harder without seeing improved patient outcomes.
According to Dr. Kulvinder Gill, co-leader of Concerned Ontario Doctors, “These alarming statistics should serve as a wake-up call for the Ontario Liberals. Their best and brightest medical professionals are in crisis and the
government’s actions are playing a significant role in precipitating that crisis. Poor physician well-being leads to poor patient care and ultimately, to poorer patient outcomes,” stated
The group is advocating that past, present and future patients, must all demand stability and proper funding of the healthcare system right now.

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More information can be found at, Twitter: @OnCall4ON, Storify: OnCall4ON, Instagram: OnCall4ON and Facebook: We Are Your Ontario Doctors.

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  1. If Doctors were serious about how overworked they are, then they need to put an immediate end to putting people’s health at risk. I am hearing that wages are not in keeping with office overheads. To this I say plumbers and electricians and indeed every business must make concessions for survivability. I had a family Doctor who had no nurse ,no secretary and just a tape recorder to document everything. Cuba , a communist country whose doctors are paid about 60 Canadian dollars a month , took in all of the 911 rescue workers when American doctors said they couldn’t help them anymore. One has to wonder if it has become ALL about the money , health for you and me be damned.