Condom firm in legal trouble over ‘mutiple-orgasms’ claim

London, Oct. 30 (ANI): German condom company, Einhorn, has lost a legal battle after another Cologne-based company took issue with their ‘multiple orgasms’ guarantee.

According to reports, the rival company called for an injunction against the Einhorn’s claims that each condom guaranteed three orgasms and said customers could misinterpret the slogan and use each condom more than once, The Independent reports.

Einhorn packaging says “Each pack contains seven condoms – or up to 21 condoms.”

In a statement, the company said that their condoms would allow the man to reach climax once and the woman twice, adding that just one orgasm per condom would mean that only the man was allowed to come.

Agreeing with the Cologne-based company, the Dusseldorf court ordered the message to be taken off the packaging.

Einhorn and the Cologne-based company will soon meet at a competition court in Dusseldorf for a discussion. (ANI)

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