Coney Island Hospital accused of horrifically killing grandmother

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The New York Daily News has reported horrific details in the death of a Brooklyn grandmother while she was a patient at Coney Island Hospital. (“EXCLUSIVE: Coney Island Hospital Busted For Inefficient Treatment, Death of Brooklyn Grandmother,” April 13, 2016). Grisel Soto was misdiagnosed with having a reaction to synthetic marijuana when she was in fact suffering from meningitis, and matters only got worse for her from there, resulting in her death. According to the results of an investigation by the state Health Department, the hospital was cited for six violations of the federal code of patient rights, specifically with regards to the use of restraints and other emergency services.

Having diagnosed Ms. Soto as essentially being an emotionally disturbed person, the hospital improperly administered her with anti-psychotic drugs to sedate her, according to Jorge Matos, husband of the deceased. Mr. Matos stated that he watched in horror as his wife went into cardiac arrest five times while being restrained in the bed. Ms. Soto’s death already prompted the replacement of Coney Island Hospital’s executive director and chief nursing officer, but it is unclear what further action will be taken as a result of the state’s findings or the lawsuit Mr. Matos plans to file against the hospital.

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Adnan Munawar, Partner at Munawar & Andrews-Santillo LLP, released a statement today expressing his outrage over Mr. Soto’s death. “People go to the hospital with the expectation of a certain level of care, and when they not only don’t receive adequate care, but are instead actively mistreated and ultimately killed, it makes me sick. When I first heard of this incident, I was horrified, but the more details come out, it only gets more and more upsetting. While I try to remain optimistic that overall change will come, I can only pray at this point that Mr. Matos and his family get the justice they deserve.”

“Unless you have witnessed it firsthand, the level of betrayal and shock that comes with these kinds of deaths is really hard to imagine. People think their loved ones are going to be treated and cared for, only to find out they have been abused and killed – it’s truly unimaginable. Given the complicated gauntlet of administrative red tape and hospital lawyers, the last thing anyone should think of doing in this type of situation is going up against the system alone. You need an experienced advocate who knows not only how to stand up for your rights and get the compensation you need and deserve, but who also knows how to help manage the personal challenges that come from losing someone in such a manner. Consulting with such an attorney is always free, and you only pay a fee when you win, so your interests are aligned and you can actually afford quality representation.”

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