Congress hits back at Govt., says don’t fuss over Vadra episode

New Delhi, Sept. 16 (ANI): The Congress on Wednesday downplayed the issue of Robert Vadra being taken off the ‘No-Frisk’ list as ‘trivial’ and slammed the Centre for making a mountain out of a molehill.

“I don’t understand why this is becoming such an issue. Priyanka and Robert Vadra have said it earlier that their frisking should be withdrawn. Vadra said himself that he will go to the airport to cancel the provision. The BJP is simply making an issue for politics,” Congress leader Kapil Sibal told ANI here.

The opposition further lambasted the government for politicising the issue, saying that Vadra had requested the government to remove his name from the frisking list.

Robert Vadra has said it on more than one occasion that if the government does not work on this, then he will go to the airports himself and take it out from the list. Currently, he is not utilizing this provision, so let’s not make an issue out of non-issue,” Congress spokesperson Randeep Surjewala told ANI.

Responding to the government’s jibe that Vadra was never actually been perceived as a VIP, the Congress replied that he had never really ‘claimed’ to be one.

Vadra had earlier taken to Facebook to target the Centre over the VIP ‘No-Frisk’ list.

“Plan to visit every terminal in the Airports in India and add a white tape on my name from the VVIP list and my signature on top !! So look out,” he wrote in his status message. (ANI)

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