Congress’ politics of revenge will hurt nation and its youth: Venkaiah Naidu

New Delhi, Sept.10 (ANI): Union Parliamentary Affairs Minister M. Venkaiah Nadu on Thursday cautioned the opposition Congress Party to give up its politics of revenge, warning that not doing so, would affect not only the nation, but also its youth.

“Politics of revenge will hurt the country and its youth. I hope that our friends in Congress, instead of giving lame excuses, will understand the need for legislation,” Naidu said.

He also said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was here to stay, and no one could budge him till 2019, when the next general elections are due.

“It’s not that they are hurting Narendra Modi, Modi has come to stay; he’ll be there up to 2019,” Naidu said.

“They (Congress) want to block the progress of the country thinking that they are blocking Narendra Modi,” he added. (ANI)

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