Congress slams government for failing to reduce fuel prices

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New Delhi, May 29 (IANS) Slamming the Narendra Modi government for failing to reduce prices of petroleum products, the Congress said it is only engaged only in managing elections and headlines.

The party also sought to remind Prime Minister Modi of the critical position taken by him on the price rise of petroleum products when he was Gujarat Chief Minister.

Addressing a press conference, Congress spokesperson Tom Vadakkan said: “International prices of crude oil have declined by six percent from $80 a barrel on May 23 to $75 per barrel now.

“The Prime Minister and his Petroleum Minister (Dharmendra Pradhan) are saying that they will do something, but it has been 16 days and so far they have not done anything.”

“Now CNG-PNG prices have also increased. What will the common man do? Inflation in petroleum products comes with cascading effect on the prices of basic amenities, whether it is consumer goods, transportation cost or bus fare,” he added.

The Congress is organising protests at the state and district level to oppose increase in prices of petroleum products, which “has become an important issue in the country, but the government has nothing to do with people’s problems”.

“This government is engaged only in election management, election propaganda and headline management. People have understood everything and the government’s efforts to mislead them will no longer be successful,” he added.



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