Congress to Centre: Why no FIR against Bank of Baroda in forex scam?

New Delhi, Oct. 10 (ANI): The Congress Party on Saturday questioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s commitment on the black money issue, asking him why no FIR had been filed against Bank of Baroda officials illegally transferring a whopping Rs. 6,172 crores in foreign exchange.

“The prime minister claims in Bihar that during his 18-month-rule, his government can’t be charged with corruption. But at the same time, a bank in Delhi transfers 6,172 crores abroad without any proper documentation, which indicates that their claims are hollow. Why is there no FIR filed in the case?” asked Congress leader and former minister of state for home R.P.N Singh.

“On one side, the government claims that it has brought 4,000 crores back as black money, but on the other side, the Bank of Baroda has transferred Rs. 6,172 crores to Hong Kong in the names of 59 companies, all of them registered on wrong addresses,” he added.

Singh said that all that the government has done is remove one bank manager.

“One is forced to wonder as to how a government bank did not adhere to the very basic due diligence as regards deposits, transfers and withdrawals by any entity in any bank,” he asked. (ANI)

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