Contraband bottles seized in Tripura

Agartala, Sept. 20 (ANI): In an anti-narcotic drive, the Border Security Force (BSF) seized more than 21,400 bottles of Bangladesh bound smuggled cough syrup in Tripura.

The bottles of phensedyl syrup were seized from four vehicles by the BSF’s intelligence branch along with Customs from Mahishkhala area in the outskirts of Agartala.

“On the basis of specific information, we along with BSF of Gakulnagar G-branch went on an operation in Mahishkhala area near the bypass road of Agartala. There we have intercepted four vehicles containing phensydyl cartoons. After opening the cartoons, we have found total 21,400 bottles of phensedyls in these vehicles,” said Swapan Kumar Debnath, Superintendent of Anti-Smuggling Wing of Agartala Custom’s Division.

According to the Customs official, though phensedyl is an Indian cough syrup but it is a lucrative smuggle item to Bangladesh, where liquor consumption is ban and it is used as substitute to liquor especial by the youth.

“We are trying to prevent this so that this type of medicine should not go to Bangladesh as the youth of Bangladesh are using it mainly as a drug as it contains codeine. We want to improve relations between India and Bangladesh and the youth should not be destroyed by using this in Bangladesh,” said Debnath. (ANI)

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