Controversial candidate barred from Mississauga mayoral debate

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A mayoral candidates forum organized by the University of Toronto—Mississauga Student Union was by many accounts a bland affair with incumbent Mayor Bonnie Crombie stealing the show.

However, some believe it would have been a different story if controversial mayoral candidate Kevin Johnston was allowed on the panel, but he was barred.

The candidates in attendance were Mayor Bonnie Crombie, Scott Chapman, Andrew Lee, Yasmin Pouragheli and Syed Qumber Rizvi.

Johnston was barred by the student’s union because of divisive viewpoints and other hateful rhetoric. This has led some to wonder what happened to free speech.

Granted Johnston has some controversial and radical views but if he has been permitted to run in the upcoming elections, shouldn’t he have been on the panel?

Going forward, will any candidate who expresses reservations against illegal immigration or housing refugees in hotels be barred from a democratic debate by organizers who don’t believe he or she needs to be heard? Who gets to decide these issues? -CINEWS

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  1. I play that Kevin wins my a landslide All the other candidates should be ashamed for allowing this to happen This says a lot of Mississauga please do the right thing and stop this This is not rocket science you know this has always been a smear against Kevin from the beginning and now it’s time to have all of them removed and maybe evern investigated for all their corruption This will be time only time for you to correct a wrong Band together and make it count

  2. We are losing Freedom of Speech in Canada. Freedom of Speech is letting people speak what is on their minds. No one says you have to agree or even listen to what they are saying. Once we silence people, we are being controlled by Fascists. Just likes Faith Goldy has been sidelined by the mainstream media in the Toronto mayoralty election, Kevin Johnson is being silenced. This is not acceptable.

  3. My only take would be they must have been afraid of him not to invite him. I don’t see any other reason. I honestly didn’t come to a free land where now people are being barred by the very same people who got refugeed on this land when they needed to be heard. Now what happened to this country and it’s nice people. We have started to dislike each other and what media does is only to hide the real news and talk about nonsense, why? Because some people may be offended, that’s so laughable.