Conveying emotions can alter brain’s creativity: Study

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Washington D.C., Jan. 5 (ANI): A new study has found that the neural circuits associated with creativity are altered when artists attempts to convey emotions.

The research undertaken by University of California, San Francisco, suggested that creativity cannot be fully explained in terms of activation or deactivation of a fixed network of brain regions.

Rather, the researchers opined that when creative acts are linked to conveying specific emotions, the nature of the emotion strongly influences which parts of the brain’s creativity network are activated and to what extent.

Lead author Charles Limb said the bottom line is that emotion matters isn’t just a binary situation in which your brain works.

Instead, there are greater and lesser degrees of creative states and different versions of these states. Emotions play a crucially important role in these differences.

The study, led by Malinda McPherson, found that DLPFC deactivation was significantly greater when the jazz musicians, who played a small keyboard while in the fMRI scanner, improvised melodies intended to convey the emotions expressed in a positive image than when they aimed to capture the emotions in a negative image.

The study is published in the Journal Scientific Reports. (ANI)

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