Cooper’s document on Saskatchewan released

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Frontier Centre for Public Policy has released Dr. Barry Cooper’s document “Saskatchewan Political Culture and the Grant Devine Era“.  The 1982 provincial election of the Grant Devine government was a critical moment in Saskatchewan‘ history because of the long-term public policy consequences. Some claim Devine’s policies aided in changing the political culture of the province.

Dr. Cooper suggests that political cultures are “embedded in myth”. The foundational myth of Saskatchewan was similar to that of Alberta: they are places “with boundless potential, where achievement was limited only by the imagination and dedication of those who come to claim their plot of farmland”.

Devine returned Saskatchewan to that political culture after years of bureaucratic rule and agrarian socialism of Liberal and CCF governments. To that point, Devine’s Progressive Conservative slogan in 1986 was “there is so much more we can be”, and he drastically reduced the role of the bureaucracy in his government.

Dr. Cooper’s paper analyzes the importance of the 1944 and 1982 Saskatchewan elections and their impact on the political myth and culture of Saskatchewan.

Dr. Cooper’s research paper “Saskatchewan Political Culture and the Grant Devine Era” can be found here: Saskatchewan, Culture, and the Devine Era

Dr. Barry Cooper is Foreign Affairs, Defense, and Trade Policy Chair at the Frontier Centre for Public Policy. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, the Canadian Global Affairs Institute, and the Centre for Military, Security, and Strategic Studies at the University of Calgary. Dr. Cooper writes a regular column for the Calgary Herald and has lectured extensively in Europe, the US, India, Australia, and China.

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