Costa Rica’s former football chief to appear in US court

San Jose (Costa Rica), Dec 16 (IANS) Former president of Costa Rica’s football federation Eduardo Li will appear before the United States judicial system to answer corruption accusations, his lawyer Roger Guevara has said.

According to local press reports on Tuesday, Li has decided to forgo the extradition process and has accepted to be transferred to the US in the next few days, after which he will appear in court, reports Xinhua.

“The presumption of innocence protects Li, both in the US and in Costa Rica. He has decided to directly appear in the US court, instead of following the extradition process,” Guevara said.

In October, Li’s defense team appealed in Switzerland against an extradition order presented by the American justice system. However, Li will now appear in court to face claims he allegedly received bribes for $600,000 in exchange for the broadcast rights of Costa Rica World Cup qualifying matches.

Li was arrested in Zurich on May 27, along with six other FIFA officials.

–Indo-Asian New Service


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