Councillor pulled up for disclosing confidential material

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Ward 9 Councillor Gurpreet Dhillon made an honest mistake

Brampton Councillor Gurpreet Dhillon has found himself pulled up by the city’s integrity commissioner for disclosing confidential information in a contentious email exchange last that exposed the deep divisions that exist on city council.

The integrity commissioner got involved after Elaine Moore filed a complaint against Coun. Gurpreet Dhillon last year about a string of emails described as “disrespectful and unfortunate.”

Dhillon won’t face any disciplinary action because the integrity commissioner believes Dhillon made a genuine “error of judgment” by sending angry emails from his mobile device to staff and councillors, late at night.

“Councillor Dhillon is requested to consider this report as a warning that if he discloses confidential information in the future and the integrity commissioner receives a complaint, it is likely that such disclosure will be considered as a second offence and sanctions will be recommended.”

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Dhillon said he accepts the decision.

The commissioner “believes” Dhillon’s testimony that “he did not know who was on the distribution list” when he hit send on emails to members of council, and several senior staffers, while on a trip to India last year.

There is so much bad blood that exists in Brampton city hall these days and that is really unfortunate given that the city requires the cooperation of all councillors. There are numerous challenges facing the city. – CINEWS

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