Couple jailed for life for honor killing in Germany

DARMSTADT, Germany, December 4. 2015 (CINEWS):  A German couple was sentenced to life in prison in the city of Darmstadt after being found guilty of murdering their teenage daughter .

The 19-year-old-victim cannot be named for legal reasons in Germany. According to German media reports, she was strangled by her 52-year-old father last January after he discovered she had been sexually active with her boyfriend.
Her father had admitted to the killing, while her 41-year-old mother is said to have watched on and done nothing.
Lawyers for the defense argued that despite being in Germany for twenty-eight years, the husband was “not properly socialized” in German culture and his wife “had nothing to do with the normal world.” The claim was that they retained the norms of their strict religious upbringing in Pakistan, where women can be punished for having a sexual relationship before marriage. Ꮠ

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