Covered picnic tables removed at Surrey park, seniors upset


Dozens of seniors who use Beaver Creek Park, Surrey are outraged after the City of Surrey removed the covered tables.ParkTables_apr10
The reason why picnic tables were removed was because of allegations of alcohol being consumed leading to rowdiness. There have been numerous complaints that the covered tables were further covered with tarp and no one knew what the men were doing inside. Later when the tarp is removed, men can be seen playing cards, leering at women and making odd remarks. There is the Beaver Creek Elementary school nearby and passing students and parents aren’t very impressed seeing groups of idle men talking loudly and playing cards all day. Furthermore often there is garbage strewn around and empty liquor bottles discarded.
It is alleged that it isn’t only seniors who uses these picnic tables but middle-aged men as well. But now it is the genuine South Asian seniors who feel cheated that they no longer have a proper meeting spot.
In the Peel Region, Mississauga, there have from time to time been reports of rowdy groups of seniors drinking and playing cards, but it isn’t a problem. Most South Asian seniors come out in the evening to enjoy some fresh air and catch up with friends. Perhaps BC’s weather allows for seniors to stay out all day.


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