Cow must be valued for its immense worth, says Gau-Raksha Sewa Samiti chief

Ahmedabad, Sept. 8 (ANI): The President of the Gau-Raksha Sewa Samiti, Dr. Vallabh Katheria, on Tuesday supported the Gujarat Government’s move to ban on beef, saying cows have great value and should be respected and protected.

“In Gujarat, the cow has value in religion, environment, medicine and in every other area. So, we thought to create awareness regarding importance of cow milk products.” Katheria told ANI.

Katheria further said, “The value of cow is mentioned in our Vedas and other holy books. Those who want to understand it will. We are just trying to make people understand the significance of the cow.”

An advertisement in Gujarat has asked people to show respect to cows and avoid eating its meat.

“Show respect to cows, as it is the leader of all bovines. Its milk, ghee and butter have therapeutic properties, but its meat is the cause of several diseases,” the advertisement said. (ANI)

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