CPI (M) takes big stride towards embracing social media

New Delhi, Sept. 7 (ANI): The impact of social media has not only emerged as a platform for sharing of ideas and communication but also as an essential and important tool during the election campaign, which was used effectively by many parties including BJP, Congress and Aam Aadmi Party.

However, the Communist Party has so far refrained from using this medium as a major tool.

The scenario is now changing, with the Communist Party of India (Marxist) actively participating on social media platforms including Facebook and micro blogging site twitter.

Speaking to ANI, senior politburo member Brinda Karat said, “The CPI (M) use of social media started during the national jatha programme in March 2013 when Party leaders travelled across the country in five jathas and converged in Delhi for a huge public meeting.”

“In 2014 February, a national workshop was organized which resulted in the setting up of social media groups at the Centre in many States and All these groups came together at the time of the Vizag Party Congress in March 2015 in a social media camp cum workshop, which could put out information in real time and provided excellent coverage of the Party Congress,” Karat added.

Recently the third national workshop on social media was conducted at the CPI (M) Delhi headquarter on September 5 and 6, where the volunteers were introduced to new technologies.

Commenting on CPI (M)’s transformation from conventional to non conventional method of propaganda, Karat said, “Smart phones are getting relatively cheaper and therefore more accessible. They are increasingly being used by working class and rural youth, those social sections and classes who constitute the areas of our work and are therefore an effective means to reach out”.

“Social media provides us an avenue to disseminate our information and our views. It is an effective addition to our traditional methods of door to door work and not a substitute. We have a website, a facebook page, a twitter account in the name of cpimspeak. Some individual leaders have started their personal twitter accounts which have been active for more than a year,” she added.

While the CPI (M) is moving towards embracing the social media platforms, the CPI yet to move in this direction.

Speaking to ANI, CPI leader Atul Anjan said, “New methodology has been in action, the CPI works in this country with its limited resources”.

“We are not shying away. To convey the policies, programs and struggle to a growing section which uses social media, we have to take this seriously,” he added.

By: Ashutosh Mishra

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