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Washington DC, July 24 (ANI): Kelly Rutherford custody battle has taken a sad turn as the actress has lost the bid to fight for her kids in California.

However, all is not lost as the ‘Gossip Girl’ star recently notched the congressional hearings in Washington.

Sources revealed that Mark Juhas, a Los Angeles judge, declared that he didn’t have the authority to come up with new custody orders in the actress’ international custody fight as she lives in New York now, People Magazine reported.

Further, talking about the fight over custody, Juhas wrote that the court does not believe that it was obligated to relinquish jurisdiction to Monaco, only that it acknowledges that it no longer has jurisdiction over the children.

In a statement, the 46-year-old actress’ husband Daniel Giersch’s lawyer said that the businessman will continue to support the actress’ relationship with their kids as he believed that the children deserved their parents’ love.

Though the eight-year-old Hermes and his six-year-old sister Helena are spending the summer in the United States with their mother, they mainly live in Monaco with their father.(ANI)

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