CreditMantri launches online platform to resolve consumers’ loan problems

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New Delhi, Feb.11 (ANI): There is a common perception that individuals with issues in their credit scores or history have little or no option to correct and improve their credit health, leaving them susceptible to loan rejections and higher borrowing costs. This perception though widespread, is not true – individuals can repair their damaged credit history and improve their credit scores by implementing specific corrective measures. This process of repairing damaged credit history is called credit improvement, and this is exactly what CreditMantri, a digital credit marketplace is addressing with this launch.

Currently, on the CreditMantri website (, consumers start by understanding the status of their Credit Health and create their Credit Profile. The starting point of credit profiling is accessing the Credit History and Score from the bureau – CreditMantri obtains the same free of cost from Equifax besides supporting CIBIL’s credit report format. Once the Credit Profile is generated, the user is guided towards the solution which best matches the user’s stated Credit Goal and Credit Profile – be it Credit Improvement or best offers from lenders.

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With today’s launch, consumers have the ability to take action online to resolve issues on the problem accounts which the credit profiling highlights. They can take action across a wide variety of root causes – for e.g. raise a dispute with the concerned bureau or lender, remove accounts wrongly mapped to their credit report or pay off loans that are overdue or not closed. CreditMantri connects the users directly with their lenders and handholds them through the process. In addition, CreditMantri is working closely with select lenders to help consumers with a low credit score get access to fresh credit.

Ranjit Punja, the CEO of CreditMantri said: “The launch of this credit issue resolution module for credit improvement is a logical way forward in our attempt to help consumers take charge of their Credit Health. The DIY platform is one of the many steps we are taking in our journey towards becoming India’s largest and most inclusive credit facilitator. Through our intensive customer- focused proposition of educating and handholding the customer, we aim to help consumers make credit choices and enable wider credit dispensation.” (ANI)

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