Creditors trying to enslave me, says 50 Cents

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Washington D.C., Feb. 17 (ANI): Rapper 50 Cent has lashed out at some of his creditors with regard to his bankruptcy case, telling a judge that the latter are trying to make him their slave.

Three of the 40-year-old rapper’s biggest creditors, Sleek Audio, SunTrust Bank and Lastonia Leviston, have come up with a payback plan and are seeking the judge’s approval, reports

The ‘Candy Shop’ singer responded, claiming the plan violates the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution which bans slavery and involuntary servitude.

He added that the plan would create “a near-indefinite period of involuntary indentured servitude” where he has to work solely for the creditors’ benefit.

50 Cent owes his creditors more than 30 million dollars. (ANI)

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