Croatian elections: Exit poll shows close fight between major parties

Zagreb, Sep 12 (IANS) Two major parties were neck-and-neck in Croatian early parliamentary elections, according to an exit poll released on Sunday.

The People’s Coalition, led by the Croatian Social Democratic Party (SDP), would win 57 seats in the 151-seat parliament and its rival the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) would have 57 seats, Xinhua quoted the exit poll as saying.

The Most party, which was the third winner in last election held in November 2015, would get 12 seats and a small party Living Wall could make a new surprise with seven seats, six more than last time, the polls added.

Despite a tied race, the HDZ likely has a better chance as traditionally it enjoyed the supports from Croatia’s diaspora, who has the three reserved seats in the parliament.

But it still needs to look for the alliance with small parties or representatives of minorities, who has eight reserved seats, to secure an enough majority for forming a new government.

Also there are changes for People’s coalition too, but it largely depends on small parties, especially the Most.



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