Crystal Meth found inside Kinder Surprise chocolate in Ireland

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Dublin, June 2 (IANS) A six-year-old boy in Belfast, Ireland found crystal methamphetamine stashed in a Kinder Surprise chocolate.

The boy was playing by the side of the road with his eight-year-old brother in Drumachose when he opened the yellow shell from inside the chocolate, the Daily Mail reported on Thursday.

Instead of finding a toy, the boy pulled out a small bag of white powder, authorities said.

Luckily the boy handed the bag, which contained crystal methamphetamine, over to his father who then gave it to police.

The boy’s uncle said the chocolate was found in a hedge by the road.

Police said they were probing the incident and described it as a small amount of the drug.

Crystal methamphetamine comes in the form of a rock-like crystals and is usually a semi-transparent white or blue colour.

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