Cultural event helps bridge gap between northeast and rest of India

By Rabiya Bashir

New Delhi, Nov. 13 (ANI): A musical and cultural evening was organised in the national capital recently to bind the northeast region, which is known for its diverse culture, rich music and folklore, with the rest of India.

`My Home India’, an NGO, hosted a cultural evening here to spread the message of unity among northeast India.

Titled ‘O.N.E. India Youth Conclave’, the event saw participation of cultural troupes from across the country.

Founder My Home India, Sunil Deodhar, said that the aim of the event was to spread a message of unity among northeastern youth.

“This is one India youth enclave (our northeast India), India cannot be one without northeast. We want to convey this message to youth of northeast as well as in Delhi. We organise two or three events every month. We are not bothered about the national and political scenario. This is beyond politics it is for the unity of the country without any kind of differences and conflicts,” he said.

During the event, Chakma people from Arunachal Pradesh performed their traditional dance.

Later, artists also performed Assam’s Bihu dance and Mint Kut dance from Manipur. The artists also enthralled the audience by performing a classical Manipuri dance.

“Northeast is full of culture and many people don’t know about it, I am feeling very good to represent our culture today,” Riti, one of the participants.

Music bands from the Northeast and other parts of the country mesmerized the audience with their lively performances.

Awards were also distributed to the youth associated with `My Home India’ for helping them in promoting unity.

Saveio Khole, the co-convener, said that the event is aimed to invoke a sense of pride among people of northeast.

“I am from Manipur; I have been in Delhi for three years. I have been a volunteer for `My Home India’ since I am in Delhi. My Home India provides us a home and makes us feel homely. It makes us feel that we belong to India and gives us a sense of belonging in Delhi. People from different states are coming here. We are trying to connect northeastern people with the rest of the country,” he said.

Such events facilitate better understanding and bridge the gap between the Northeast with the rest of India. (ANI)

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