Cumberbatch wants ‘Cumber’ batch of boys

London, Nov 27 (IANS) Actor Benedict Cumberbatch is loving being father to five-month-old son Christopher Carlton and is contemplating having more sons.

“I’ve become a father and a husband, and in the right order – just,” the “Sherlock” star joked to host Graham Norton on his BBC show, reports

“I might go for a (Cumber) batch of boys!”

Cumberbatch, 39, and wife Sophie Hunter welcomed their son in June, following the couple’s February wedding in their native England.

“It’s everything. I have a new life form that needs his father’s help in the world and his mother needs a little help once in a while,” the actor said.

“It’s what being a parent is about so it’s not an excuse to get away from what I am doing – it’s what I ought to be doing. After three and half hours of ‘Hamlet’, I think that’s okay.”

While his Shakespeare play closed in October, Cumberbatch will be balancing fatherhood and his acting career as the fourth season of “Sherlock” begins production in the spring.

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