Cupid strikes Britney Spears once more

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Britney and Asghari…She is famous for dating men in industry

Britney Spears has a pattern of dating men in show business, with an avowed fondness for younger men. So has the cupid struck again?

On the heels of newly debuted music video for “Slumber Party,” the 34-year-old songstress was photographed alongside Sam Asghari, the male model and personal trainer featured in the steamy music video.

In the shot, which has since been deleted from Asghari’s Instagram account, the two are posed with their bodies angled toward each other in matching black shirts while out to a sushi dinner. The mother of two is sticking her tongue out at the camera.

While the two could simply be friends, there is some confusion over why he would delete the proof of their outing.

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Meanwhile, we know Spears, who is currently single, has a penchant for dating men in the industry. Her ex-husband Kevin Federline worked as her backup dancer and she was previously engaged to her agent, Jason Trawick. She dated television producer Charlie Ebersol for eight months.

As the pop star told Marie Claire UK in September, just because she’s famous does not mean she’s immune to heartache.

“I’ve been single for ages and had a date with a guy I liked. I was getting anxious, worrying he wouldn’t like me. We went to the movies, but I could tell right away it wasn’t working. It was sort of awkward. So after the movie I came home and that was it. It just didn’t work…He just wasn’t that into me. I liked him. He knew that. But he definitely didn’t feel the same,” she told the magazine.

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That doesn’t stop Spears from ogling at men she finds attractive. While in London on a press tour in late September, the singer videotaped a man on a motorcycle who got her attention.

“My crush in London,” she said from behind the camera. “Very hot, very hot, very hot!”

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