Cyrus Sahukar feels he is a better actor than host

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New Delhi, March 16 (IANS) Cyrus Sahukar says he is a better actor than a host.

Apart from hosting gigs, he is known for featuring in films like “Delhi-6” and “Aisha”.

“I think I am a better actor, even though I have done a lot more of hosting,” Cyrus told IANS.

“I really do things where there is lot of me as an packed actor and a performer that has been left unexplored and there is no one to play in for that apart from me as I myself have been so busy hosting that I haven’t fully explored it but I have been trying now,” he added.

Looking back, he said: “Even the comedy shows that I used to do I found that when I was acting or playing a character the reactions from people I got was way higher, way more affirmative, way more loving. I am constantly tweaking my work as a host, there is so much to learn there, you could spend a life time and still not be a great host.

“With acting I feel that it’s a profession that you can keep tweaking and keep learning your whole life, it goes for everything whether it’s been a gardening or be a journalist or a writer I feel that you can keep finding new avenues and new ways to express yourself.”

At the moment, Cyrus is seen in “The Anti-Social Network”, which airs every Friday on MTV.

Talking about the show, he said: “I was always very interested in perception of people’s lives on social media… I was interested that there would be a show which would take people who have a pretty strong following and a personality on social media and flip their lives completely, spread a rumour over a period of two days and see how people react. And find people who are up for handing us over their phones and passwords to their accounts, which I believe is one of the bravest things to do in today’s age.”



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