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Mumbai, April 30 (IANS) FLY dance foundation, a non profit organisation, has launched a crowd funding campaign to support dancers from every walk of life.

The foundation provides scholarship training programmes to talented children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

“Teaching values through dance is the mission that drives everyone at FLY. After dance classes, students sit together for a value session and we discuss how we can implement values like integrity, acknowledgement, leadership and responsibility in our lives. We believe that these values will help our students succeed in all areas of their lives,” Gursimran Taneja, founder of FLY Dance Foundation, said in a statement.

The campaign was launched on Friday on a DesiredWings website to commemorate World Dance Day.

“When I visited FLY and saw these kids dancing, I could feel the impact that FLY is creating. They don’t just dance beautifully they speak really good English too. I could feel the spark in their eyes, they have big dreams, aspiration and somewhere they all know what they want out of life.

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“Through our platform, we aim to add wings to their dreams so that they could fly higher and higher,” said Mohammed Sirajuddin, co-founder of



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