Data Science Lab in Pakistan makes Urdu-Hindi dictionary

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Islamabad, Nov 30 (IANS) The Data Science Lab in Lahore’s Information Technology University has made an application called the Urdu-Hindi Dictionary that will enable people to find the translation of any word in Arabic, Urdu, Hindi or English.

More than 542 million people on the planet speak either Hindi or Urdu which makes them one of the most common languages spoken, Mit Techonology Review reported.

“Due to its popularity, Roman Urdu and Roman Hindi is emerging as a language so the Urdu-Hindi Dictionary has a lot of potential,” says Faisal Kamiran, director of the Data Science Lab.

“Our research is mainly about understanding this Roman Urdu text which is used very frequently in SMS, Facebook, Tweets and other forms of social media,” Kamiran said.

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“It becomes a bit more complicated because there are several variations of the same word in Roman Urdu. The same word ‘kursi’ can also be written as kursee or even kurrsi.”

The application can be used to translate from Roman Urdu to English, Roman Hindi to English, and even English to Urdu, Hindi and Arabic.

Each category provides you with the translated word along with its definition, synonyms and verbs.

The Urdu-Hindi Dictionary offers a simple user interface with more than 10 different categories for user convenience such as fruits, vegetables, animals, profession, elements, and tools.

In order to retain the user’s interest, the application offers timed quizzes to test their vocabulary.

The application is currently available for download on Google Store.

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