DCW rescues woman ‘about to be killed’ by parents

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New Delhi, Nov 20 (IANS) In a dramatic turn of events, the Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) has rescued a woman from Uttar Pradesh who was confined and tortured by her parents to marry a man against her will.

“The 23-year-old woman was rescued on Sunday when the police got wind of her parents’ plan to take her to Agra and kill her there,” a DCW statement said on Tuesday.

The DCW had received a complaint from Abhishek (name changed) belonging to Dholpur, Rajasthan regarding illegal confinement and torture of his fiancee by her parents.

The complainant stated that he was engaged to the girl Pooja (name changed) four years ago.

“However, the girl’s parents had been pressurising the girl to marry another man and they had illegally confined her. Abhishek alleged her parents had fixed her marriage to someone else on Monday (November 19) against her will and there was a threat to her life,” a statement said.

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Responding to the complaint, the DCW contacted the Rajasthan Police on the matter.

“The police went to the girl’s residence where she was confined. However, they returned without the girl and left the matter in the hands of the village panchayat,” DCW said.

DCW Member Kiran Negi constituted a team comprising of DCW counsellors who contacted the Rajasthan Police in Dholpur.

“A team of two counsellors left for Rajasthan where they explained the situation to Additional SP of Dholpur district who assured they would do everything to rescue the woman,” DCW said.

On reaching the girl’s home, the police team informed the DCW the gates of the girl’s house were locked.

Meanwhile, the Commission received information that the girl had been taken to Agra by her family and was kept confined in Horipura village, near Tantpur district, Agra.

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“The Commission learned that the girl’s family was planning to kill her.”

The DCW team of counsellors then immediately reached Agra. “Within two hours, the team successfully rescued the girl from Agra and the couple (Pooja and Abhishek) is planning a wedding soon,” DCW said.

Reacting to the incident, Maliwal said: “It’s unfortunate when parents are willing to kill their own children to satisfy their false egos. I appeal to the people not to indulge in such critical acts. I thank the Uttar Pradesh Police for cooperating with DCW and I wish best for the couple.”



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