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Deal on Ontario Line struck by Tory and Ford govt.

Mayor John Tory will throw his support behind the Ontario Line subway plan in exchange for Queen’s Park dropping its plan take control of Toronto’s entire subway system.

The mayor said Wednesday the only way to get transit built quickly is for the city to be a partner at the table with the province.

“We have defended our TTC, we have found a way to move forward on transit expansion and to invest in improvements in our existing system, and we have done so with an increased financial commitment from the provincial government,” he said.

Premier Doug Ford drew up the Ontario Line earlier this year. It’s set to run from Ontario Place across the downtown core and up to the Ontario Science Centre and cost some $10.9 billion to build.

While Tory said he’s happy with the agreement reached with the province, it will still require city council’s approval.

Tory said the proposed subway upload would have broken up the system in a way that wouldn’t have worked for the average rider.

The province has also agreed to pay for the capital costs associated with building the Eglinton West LRT expansion and extending the Yonge subway extension.

Both the federal Liberals and Conservatives have meanwhile promised to support Toronto’s public transit priorities if either of them forms the next government.

The province will also consider reimbursing the city for money it has already spent. -CINEWS


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