Deal with separatists with ‘iron rod’, Congress tells J-K Govt

New Delhi, July 17 (ANI): Stating that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-People’s Democratic Party (PDP) coalition government in Jammu and Kashmir is ‘soft’ on separatists, the Congress party on Friday said the former should deal with separatist elements with an ‘iron rod’.

“It is so unfortunate that since the Mufti-BJP government came into power in Jammu and Kashmir , such incidents of hoisting Pakistani flags have become an everyday affair. The Mufti-BJP government is soft on separatists, these are the very separatists who are being funded by Pakistan,” Congress spokesperson Shobha Oza told ANI.

“It is high time BJP government at the Centre and Mufti-BJP government at the state deals with separatists with an iron rod,” she added.

Meanwhile, Congress leader Rashid Alvi echoed similar sentiments and said the situation in Jammu and Kashmir has been deteriorating ever since the BJP-PDP alliance came to power.

BJP is in alliance in the state, and they are in power at the Centre, despite that such incidents are happening. It is very worrisome, government is not giving any importance to these issues…Situation in Jammu and Kashmir is deteriorating, and Prime Minister and his government is responsible for this,” said Alvi.

Pakistani and ISIS flags were reportedly waved today in Srinagar after the Juma-tul-Wida namaz, which is held on the last Friday of the holy month of Ramzan.

The city also witnessed a clash between police and protesters, where the former resorted to tear gas shelling in order to disperse the stone-pelting agitators. (ANI)

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