Dear Angry Indian Censor Board, it’s about time that you shed your sanskaari tag!

Mumbai, December 9 (CINEWS): It is just about an incongruity how a few lines from the widely praised film Angry Indian Goddesses, which discusses progressiveness and sexual orientation uniformity, was hacked by the Censor. The producers of the film discharged an uncensored clasp today. Subsequent to viewing this video you would concur that it was an instance of strange, outlandish restriction.Angry-Indian-Goddesses-trailer

Irate Indian Goddesses featuring Sarah-Jane Dias, Tannishtha Chatterjee, Rajshri Deshpande, Anushka Manchanda, Sandhya Mridul, Amrit Maghera and Pavleen Gujral discusses lady liberation. It basically talks about the need to commend womanhood despite seemingly insurmountable opposition. These seven ladies are the film’s saints and are experiencing their autonomous lives till they whisk themselves away to a curious town in Goa. AIG discusses ladies and what maddens them.

Executive Pan Nalin gets into the mind of Indian ladies and talks about the requirement for an all the more tolerating, freeing society for the female sexual orientation. Nalin and his band of rebel ladies put forth an effing solid expression which kicks patriarchy, which is the second name to Indian culture, right in its gut! Be that as it may, this appears to have annoyed the blue pencil load up for sure and in this way edited a portion of the bits from the film. Anyway, what did they have an issue with?

The storyline and the dialogs are very audacious and transparently discuss the requirement for ladies to be sexually freed. In one scene, Amrit Maghera (Jo) and Rajashri Deshpande (Lakshmi) move like nobody is watching them in an outdoors shower while other ladies appreciate their strong moves. Presently, our edit board who adores its Munnis and Sheelas has an issue with this number and gave a ton of misery to the creators for the same. They even cut a line, ‘I have an Indian figure’ which one of the characters mouth while appreciating Jo and Lakshmi’s move. It is totally fine with our alleged sanskaari board when ladies are generalized at each stage by Bollywood through thing numbers and movies like Calender Girls, however, the minute men are alluded to as “lunch” but flippantly, the line must be cleaved off! Likewise, all references to the demonstration of intercourse are controlled.

There are a few references to the blazing Goddess Kali in the film and the performing artists talk how the female goddess gets all feisty to battle treachery. The Board had an issue with that as well! Thus, we can’t even draw positive references from our Hindu mythology now! One of the characters even shouts to the administration with respect to female well-being. Obviously, even that line is cut. This plainly demonstrates a political motivation and is an unmistakable slap to the flexibility of expression

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