Debris found on Reunion Island belongs to MH370, says French prosecutor

London, Sep. 4 (ANI): A French prosecutor has said that a piece of aircraft wing, known as a flaperon, found on the shore of Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean has been formally identified as part of the debris of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370.

According to the Guardian, the wing piece was discovered on July 29.

Malaysian authorities said that the paint colour and maintenance indicate that the piece belonged to the missing Boeing 777 aircraft.

The Paris prosecutor said that a technician from Airbus, which made the part of Boeing, had recognized one of the three numbers found on flaperon as the serial number from MH370.

Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 disappeared in March last year, while it was en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 people on board. (ANI)

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