Debunking myths on food, capturing the legacy of war (IANS Books This Weekend)

Embark on a journey to beat the eating habits associated with modern lifestyles and debunk the myths and misconceptions on food. Also to read is the legacy of the Great War and a heartwarming tale on how a pet dog can influence a man’s life. Here’s what the IANS bookshelf has to offer this weekend. Happy reading!

1. Book: The Baby Elephant Diet: A Modern Indian Guide to Eating Right; Author: Ravi Mantha; Publisher: Rupa; Pages: 188; Price: Rs.195

With the advent of modernity and changes in what one eats, obesity and lifestyle diseases like diabetes and heart-related illnesses are fast becoming global pandemics. Our health depends 80 percent on what we eat. But do we really know what not to eat?

Embark on this journey with the author Ravi Mantha, to find out healthy ways of eating, customized to Indian settings. The author who is a foodie besides being a health-guru is here with some easy tips on what to eat and what to consume in less. This baby elephant diet, is not about becoming slim, but staying healthy.

2. Book: Good Hope Road; Author: Sarita Mandanna; Publisher: Aleph; Pages: 386; Price: Rs.595

Coming from the author of the critically acclaimed novel Tiger Hills, this novel is set at the outset of the Great War. James Stonebridge, a New England Yankee and Obadaiah Nelson, a Louisiana native, were among those Americans who were filled with idealism and romantic notions.

Despite their backgrounds, these two men form friendship that helps them endure the horrors of the war. Here’s a book capturing the legacy and life of the World War I, and the determining spirit people kept in life.

3. Book: Waiting for Doggo: One Man. One Dog. One Big Love; Author: Mark B. Mills; Publisher: Headline Review; Pages: 213; Price: Rs. 350

Here is a heartwarming story about two people in love – Clara and Daniel – and their Doggo. The time comes when Clara has to leave Daniel and Doggo alone. Clara leaves a note to Dan saying, “I’m going away. A long way away. I can’t tell you where..”, her last words to him.

The book now revolves now around Dan and Doggo, who “haven’t hit it off” according to Clara. Through the narration of Dan, one can read throughout the book on how a pet can influence a person.

4. Book: The Future Of (Almost) Everything, Author: Patrick Dixon, Publisher: Hachette India; Pages: 344; Price: Rs. 399

To survive and prosper in business and to shape your future, Patrick Dixon has come up with ideas that will help you motivate customers.

Dixon wants to live in the future and see tomorrow as history. He wants to be a part of the change in which our values shape the world. He wants us to think globally as the world will be even more connected than now.

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