Deco Nayar joint venture to provide tactical blueprint for excellence counter-terrorism

New Delhi, Sept 12 (ANI): Deco-Nayar India Private Limited, a joint venture between DECO INC. (49 percent), a USA based company, and the NAYAR Group (51 percent), an Indian company, has been established to secure urban infrastructure against acts of terror.

This is India’s first joint global venture to implement critical incident strategies, which can be integrated into tactical training, security solutions and the application of force protection technology.

Announcing the joint venture at Secure Cities 2015 event, Rajbikram S. Nayar Founder Chairman and Managing Director of NAYAR Group, said: “We are very happy to partner with the premier U.S. company DECO in a 51:49 Joint Venture DECO NAYAR INDIAN PVT LTD.”

“It will create a formidable team of former Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT), navy seals, delta force advisors with Indian retried armed services forces and paramilitary trained former officers to impart enhanced and sustained state of the art equipment and training to Indian Law Enforcement or state police agencies,” he added.

Deco-Nayar will assist law enforcement agencies in the development of urban investigative strategies and implementation of tactical solutions to effectively combat terrorism and narco-trafficking. The training will assist in refining enforcement policy, operational and tactical strategies.

Deco-Nayar will also provide advisors who will be available to support additional training needs as they develop and assist in obtaining state of the art enforcement technology and protection hardware to ensure success. (ANI)

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