Decoding the `cleverly designed` Vault

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New Delhi, April 4 (ANI): Connaught Place in Central Delhi is a hotspot for all the foodies and the place never disappoints as people have plethora of options to choose from.

Owners have come up with unique concepts in Connaught Place in the last two years and Vault Cafe is one restaurant which easily stands out from the crowd.

When in a huge group, one can head to Vault Cafe which is now gaining name for having separate enclosures.

The restaurant located in the N-Block of the market, itself is spacious with fat leather-upholstered armchairs and low tables.

Outside is a gorgeous terrace that runs along the entire length of the restaurant with the only wood-fired pizza oven in Connaught Place, but the real star seating is the five ‘vaults’ that are private dining rooms and resemble bank vaults, sturdy doors and all. Each vault has a different seating capacity, from 5 – 15.

The skillfully designed Vault Cafe by the team behind OTB is an appealing spot for CP pub hoppers who are now spoiled for choice and thanks to secluded areas inside vaults, it also gives you a sense of privacy.

Inspired from the British East India Company, the iron pillars and the huge bar lounge with great seating capacity gives a colonial feel.

The menu consists of Indian, Mediterranean, Asian and Continental. The portion size is good and justified for the price. The breakfast menu is served till 6 pm along street food options.

Vault has succeeded in bring this sense of history indoors. The theme is palpable even in the small knick knacks strategically placed, be it a sand clock, a grandfather clock, the special doors, the books, particularly the room that’s based on the library theme.

The Victorian architecture, the bohemian environment and shops, cafes, and diners will take you back to the early 90s.

Whoever wants to have a good time with a big group can always break into the Vault. (ANI)

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