`Dehumanizing` Halloween burka costumes draw flak

London, Oct 26 (ANI): Ebay has come under fire for “dehumanizing” Halloween costumes with its “fancy dress burkas.”

Describing the traditional outfit as being “perfect for stag parties,” the advert on the auction site has attracted strong criticism. A leading anti-Islamophobia organisation has called for the listings to be removed, the Daily Star reported.

Fiyaz Mughal OBE, a director of Tell MAMA, said the costume “dehumanises” women who wear the veil, adding that man Muslim women do not wear the burka, though to associate it with Halloween further stigmatises women who wear it.

He noted “We ask that eBay remove these so-called costumes and understand the impact that it has on women, perceptions within wider communities and to the safety of some Muslim women.”

Sellers Dragons Den Fancy Dress have the outfit listed as a “Halloween Fancy Dress Idea Sharia Burka” that comes in a range of sizes from small to extra-large at prices between 22.55-29.95 pounds and is on sale in a selection of colours, including Forest Green, City Blue and Royal Blue.

Also available on the site is a mini-skirt and veil combo described as a “Middle Eastern Arab Girl Burka Halloween Fancy Dress Costume.”

An eBay spokesman said that they do not allow any items that promote intolerance toward religion and they are always open to feedbacks. (ANI)

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