Delhi government launches reward scheme on cash memos

New Delhi, Oct 13 (IANS) In a bid to encourage people to receive/demand proper bills for purchases and thus add to revenue receipts, the Aam Aadmi Party government of Delhi on Tuesday launched ‘bill banvao, inaam pao’ scheme.

The scheme would be for bill or cash memo/retail invoice of not less than Rs.100 for purchases made from a registered dealer in Delhi. The maximum prize to be given under the scheme is Rs.50,000.

“To be eligible for the reward scheme, the taxable value of the goods purchased should not be less than Rs.100,” the government said.

The purchaser can upload the bill/cash memo on the website of department of trade and taxes or they send a snapshot of the bill on the designated number of the department through whatsapp.

A unique ID would be generated for each bill and sent to the customer via SMS.

The bill has to be uploaded within seven days of purchase to be eligible for the scheme. The purchaser would have to mention his/her name, mobile number/e-mail address.

The bill should have the registration number (TIN) of the dealer, besides full name of each item purchased, apart from rate of tax charged against each and total sale value (excluding VAT).

The cash award would be transferred to the bank account of the purchaser directly after verification of the purchases from the seller through ward VAT inspector.

The winner would be selected through a computerised draw of lots using the unique IDs generated against each bill received by the department.

The prize amount would be five times the taxable value of the goods purchased in the bill, subject to a maximum of Rs.50,000.

One person would be eligible for only one prize every month.

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