Delhi Govt. releases NCT’s Sixth Economic Census report

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New Delhi: Mar. 14 (ANI): There were 8.75 lakhs establishments working in Delhi during 2013, as compared to 7.58 lakhs establishments in 2005 at the time of the fifth Economic Census, registering an annual growth of 1.94%. Also, out of 8.75 lakhs enterprises, only 12,441 (1.4%) were in the rural area and 8.63 lakhs (98.6%) were operated in the urban area.

Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia on Monday said this while releasing a report on the Sixth Economic Census for Delhi conducted by the Directorate of Economics and Statistics in collaboration with the Central Statistics Office, Government of India, during February-June, 2013.

As per the Sixth Economic Census report, out of the total, 4.77 lakhs (55%) of establishments were having no hired worker and the remaining 3.98 lakhs (45%) having at least one hired worker, while average number of persons employed in the establishment with hired worker worked out to 6.1 as against 1.3 in the establishments with no hired worker.

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Sisodia pointed out that out of 8.75 lakhs establishments, around 7.96 lakhs (91%) establishments were under private proprietorship, while around 4.70 lakhs (53.7%) worked outside household with fixed structure and remaining 4.05 lakhs (46.3%) were operated outside household without fixed structure or inside household.

Nearly 7.9 lakhs (90%) of total establishments were of employment size class 1-5, followed by 57,200 (6.5%) of size class 6-9, 29,101 (3.3%) of size class 10-99 and 1,516 establishments (0.17%) were having employment 100 and more, it pointed out.

Sisodia said nearly 30.2 lakhs people (27,610 in rural areas and 29.9 lakhs in urban area) were working in 8.75 lakh establishments in Delhi during 2013 with an average of 3.45 people per establishment – out of 30.2 lakhs, about 3.8 lakhs (12.5%) were female and 26.4 lakhs (87.5%) were male workers.

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The Deputy Chief Minister pointed out that as per the Economic Census, the maximum number i.e. 3.7 lakh establishments (42.3%) were engaged in trade, followed by 1.56 lakhs (17.8%) in manufacturing activity, 72,572 (8.3%) in transportation and storage and 48,051(5.5%) in accommodation and food service activities.

On the other hand, the manufacturing sector engaged a maximum number of 10 lakhs (33.2%) people, followed by 8.6 lakhs (28.4%) in trade and 1.8 lakhs (5.9%) in transportation and storage.

He said for the first time the information on handicraft and handloom establishments was collected in Sixth Economic Census – the total number of handicraft/handloom establishments has been reported as 9,260 with 35,553 people engaged (an average of 3.8 workers per establishment).

The Deputy Chief Minister said 70,434 (8%) of total establishments were managed by women entrepreneurs in Delhi, employing around 1.6 lakh people.

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Central Delhi district shows the highest number of establishments (1.5 lakh), followed by West Delhi district with 1.06 lakh of establishments, North-West district 93,297, north-east district 86,597, east district 80,061, south-east district 75,049, north district 73,724, Shahdara district 71,738, South district 57,126, south-west district 42,166 and the lowest in New Delhi with 38,153 establishments, says the report.

In terms of number of people employed, again, Central district excels with around 6 lakhs (19.8%) of the total employment, followed by south-east with 3.5 lakhs (11.7%).

The first Economic Census was conducted in 1977, followed by 1980, 1990, 1998 and 2005.

The Economic Census includes all types of entrepreneurial activities in the field of agriculture, except crop production and plantation, as well as non-agriculture, except Public Administration and Defence. (ANI)

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