‘Delhi suffered 78 percent productivity loss due to water- logging’

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New Delhi, July 27 (IANS) The widespread water-logging in Delhi due to the monsoon led to about 78 per cent loss in work time or productivity, according to a survey.

The survey conducted by a citizen engagement platform, Local Circles, held polls on the issue of water-logging in Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai and Mumbai.

According to the survey, 84 percent citizens say their city gets water-logged.

“Citizens in Delhi claim that they lost the most time due to water-logging with 78 per cent saying the loss was in hours. This is followed by 68 per cent in Chennai, 66 per cent in Mumbai and 58 per cent in Bengaluru,” the survey said.

This, the survey says, had a direct impact on the GDP.

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“In some of the cities like Bengaluru it affects the software industry badly. With white and blue collar workers stuck in traffic it is as if the whole GDP of the country has come to a standstill during this period,” the survey added.

Suggesting a much more efficient integrated policy from the central government to resolve this, the survey pointed out, “Municipal Corporations who are responsible for preparing for monsoons rarely pay this issue much attention though there is dedicated budget for it.”

Suggesting some remedies such as a ban on the use of polythene at least one month prior to the monsoon, the survey urges doubling the use of cement blocks for pavements and driveways and parking lots which allows rain water to drain into the earth.

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