Delhi witnesses abstract acrylics in ‘Ascension’ art show

New Delhi, Nov 26 (IANS) The city’s art lovers had reason to rejoice as artist Rashmi Sikand Yadav displayed her new “Ascension” show, an amalgamation of abstract acrylic paintings, in the national capital.

Yadav, known for using a unique aesthetic vocabulary of linear gesture textures and forms, hosted a two-day art show Wednesday-Thursday, at the India Habitat Centre.

“This series is about expression and movement. I work spontaneously on creating an emotional impact of colours, texture, light, atmospheric condition and composition of ground and space,” Yadav said about her show.

Her artworks have a rhythm, pattern and process and explore expressive linear gestures, mark-making, unique textures, and layering, which create the illusion of energy and movement.

Yadav is an artist proficient in water based mediums. Her acrylic on canvas works display a liberal use of vibrant colours and multiple layering techniques.

She said does not use an easel, but instead lays the stretched canvas on a table in her studio, constantly moving it around, working from each side and angle until the painting is complete.

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