Delhipedia launches diary on ‘The Spirit of Delhi’ video on ‘The Haunted Places’

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New Delhi, Feb. 16 (ANI): Delhipedia, a visual guide to explore Delhi, has launched its diary, titled, ‘The Spirit of Delhi’ and first interactive video on ‘The Haunted Places in Delhi’ on its YouTube Channel.

The diary features various tourist attractions along with some unexplored nooks and corners of Delhi.

“The Delhipedia diary is a celebration of Delhi, its heritage, people, food and vibrant colours. The Delhipedia edition is being launched now; 10,000 copies were already released by DTTDC and The Delhi Govt., last month”, said Arjun Pandey, Founder, Delhipedia.

The Diary highlights various important monuments in the city, haunted places, various modes of transportation in Delhi to commute, mid night food joints, a note on different kind of languages and slangs used in the Capital, seasons and green zones and other numerous hidden aspects of the city.

“What makes The Delhipedia Diary unique is its longer shelf life, cut outs to create Delhi’s Skyline, and heritage stickers and stamps of places like Qutub Minar, India Gate and Delhi Metro. The diary is a ‘collector’s piece’. To add more to the charm of this diary, we have released our first interactive video on the content inside it. The first interactive video is around the haunted places in Delhi; its first episode covers places like Jamali Kamali Masjid, Feroz Shah Kotla Fort, Agrasen ki Baoli and Khooni Nadi,” Pandey added.

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Besides, there are five significant maps in the diary: the first one is the cover map, capturing the landscape of Delhi; the second map is about the cycle tour in Mehrauli; the third is on the seven cities of Delhi; the fourth captures the cycle tour within Old Delhi; and the fifth is food map printed on a tissue paper.

These maps endeavour to enable the user to get acquainted with the facts related to Delhi, imparting information related to the rich heritage and magnificent monuments, Indian delicacies, places to visit and different weathers in the city.

The diary aims to leave an indelible mark on tourists visiting the city and people already living in Delhi.

“The new videos on the content in the diary will reinforce the exquisiteness and endurance of the city. We planned to release at least one video every fortnight along with our regular videos about the metropolis on Delhipedia’s YouTube channel”, he said.

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With a diary in hand, anyone can walk around any of Delhi’s streets or malls for shopping and eating, see sights of interest, visit theatres, museums and parks without any prior research on Internet.

Since its launch in November 2014, Delhipedia has grown at a rapid pace with more than 2,50,000 Facebook followers and these followers are growing day by day.

Delhipedia is a location based application which allows viewers (travellers, explorers and youngsters) to take virtual tours via short 3 to 5 minutes videos and share their experience through various platforms (Youtube, Facebook, Instagram etc).

The application covers all aspects of the city, starting from heritage monuments, happy bazaars, thriving cultural scene, to platefuls of delicious food that bring Delhiites together.

Delhipedia’s YouTube channel and its Digital Magazine brings alive the true essence of Delhi and its magnificent culture. In a way, Delhipedia is an audio visual running encyclopedia about the city, which the Delhiites are still unaware of.

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Arjun Pandey is a talented documentary filmmaker who has produced and directed several award winning documentary films on wildlife, environment and social issues.

He launched Delhipedia in the year 2014. He believed that Delhi is a plethora of vibrancy in different areas of interest apart from the political moments therefore; he decided to come up with a ground-breaking location based application which could provide real time information on Delhi. (ANI)

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