Designers vouch for Indian textiles’ global power, seek government backing

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Mumbai, March 31 (IANS) The Indian government must appreciate Indian fashion like the French do, veteran designer Manish Arora had told IANS and the same thought is echoed by many young designers who feel that Indian textile and craft have huge potential to make an impact globally. They also say that with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s support there is definitely a change.

On the day two of Summer-Resort edition of Lakme Fashion Week (LFW) dedicated to the Sustainable Indian Textile, many designers told IANS that the current stage of Indian textile and crafts is trending globally.

“Globally people are loving it Indian textiles. They love the techniques used. We do use lot of Indian silhouettes but we just tweak it a little bit according to their trends and they love wearing it and value it,” designer Debashri Samanta told IANS.

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Added another designer Swati Vijaivargie: “I have done lot of trade shows abroad and people absolutely love the textiles. Yes you have to tweak the silhouettes a bit because people there wouldn’t wear certain silhouettes but they love wearing such designs just for the fabric. They understand crafts.”

Designer Amit from the brand Amrich is of the view tha Modi government is doing commendable job in promoting Indian textile and crafts and similar efforts are needed for backing it up.

“We designers have talents, its just that we need support and backing from the government. Being a designer, we understand business but backing and support definitely helps a lot. Internationally many governments support design and give them importance and I want this to start in India as well. Modiji is trying to bring a change so let see if we get the chance to see the difference in next five years,” Amit told IANS.

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He also says that Indian textiles have been famous around the world for atleast 5,000 years and hence it is a good thing that lot of young designers are really working towards Indian craft.

“I don’t know if many are aware of this or not but lot of international labels have buying and developing houses in India because they have been appreciating Indian textiles. Also any foreigner you meet, they say you have such a repertoire of textiles. Sometimes we kind of blank it out because we have grown up looking at them day in and day out. A

“Hence needless to say Indian textile and crafts is going places,” he said.

All three brands showcased at the Sustainable and Indian Textile Day of the ongoing fashion gala that is taking place at St. Regis here and its not just runways that if witnessing the best of textile trends but there are visitors and fashionistas to who were spotted ditching their little black dresses to give their support to Traditional Indian textile.

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(The writer’s trip is at the invitation of Lakme Fashion Week organisers. Nivedita can be contacted at [email protected])

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