Desperate Nepal set to move away from IOC, importing fuel from China by air

New York, Oct. 8 (ANI): For the first time, Nepal will be importing fuel from China in the wake of it facing a shortage due to Indian shipments being put on hold. Nepal Oil Corp has decided to ask suppliers to submit proposals for flying in shipments through Kathmandu’s Tribhuvan International Airport.

According to Nepal Oil Corp. spokesman Deepak Baral, the shipments will be delivered by air, as roads linking Nepal and China are still in bad shape due to the April 25 earthquake.

Nepal is now set to move away from its exclusive agreement with the Indian Oil Corp, which was the sole supplier of fuel to Nepal.

India, though, has denied imposing any official blockade.

According to ACB News report, Indian truck drivers are reluctant to cross the border to make deliveries due to the ongoing protest at the border by Madhesis and other minority groups. The Madhesis have been demanding amendments in the new Constitution, which does not give them equal rights.

Due to the ongoing protest, only few Indian tankers have been able to carry fuel into Nepal over the past two weeks. Nepal had to halt all fuel sales for private vehicles earlier, and hospitals, police and other government institutions were sharing fuel between themselves. (ANI)

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